Robots and humans

What will the social impact be of the rise of a new technological era, of which we are only feeling the very first tremors? How do we keep whole sectors of society from falling down economically?

Should robots be taxed?

The technological upheavals that lie ahead are increasingly coming into view. Robots, and, more generally, artificial intelligence, are revolutionizing society as we know it. All industry and business sectors are or will be impacted, as we can see by these few examples.


Artificial intelligence in Tokyo

A team from CHUV in Lausanne has just updated a computer algorithm used to facilitate decision making when responding to side effects caused by immunotherapy administered to patients with cancer. In 2008, Google launched a computer algorithm that tracks flu epidemics, which is used today in many countries.

An artificial intelligence system was tested last fall at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Doha, Qatar, with the goal of being operational for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, in 2020. It will assist judges in scoring athletes, and is expected to one day replace them. 

"Friendly" robots: how far will it go?


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 Source : Journal des arts et métiers